Bo ja Hope

Owl City: Meteor Shower

Jessica Simpson: I Think I’m In Love With You

Johanna Kurkela: Ehkä ensi elämässä

Maroon Five: This Love

Brady ja Chloe

The Pussycat Dolls: Stickwitu

Brady ja Nicole

Daughtry: It’s Not Over

EJ ja Sami

Every Avenue: The Story Left Untold

Kari Kimmel: I Like It

Stars Go Dim: Love Gone Mad

Three Days Grace: Time of Dying

He is We: Forever and Ever

All American Rejects: I Wanna

Three Days Grace: I Hate Everything about You

Letoya Luckett: Torn

Jack ja Jennifer

Lifehouse: I Live My Life For You

Liz Phair: Why Can’t I

Christian Walz: Never Be Afraid Again

John ja Kate

Rihanna: Unfaithful

John ja Marlena

Sunrise Avenue: Heal Me

Nickelback: Savin Me

Hilary Duff: Come Clean

Christina Aguilera: Fighter

Lucas ja Carrie

Vanessa Carlton: A Thousand Miles

Lucas ja Sami

James Blunt: You Are Beautiful

Breaking Benjamin: Forget it

Jessica Simpson: With You

LeAnn Rimes: How Do I Live

Edwin Collins: Never Met A Girl Like You Before

Max ja Chelsea

Sunrise Avenue: Destiny

Max ja Morgan

Katri Ylander: Nyt

Max ja Stephanie

The Fray: Never Say Never

Nick ja Chelsea

All Time Low: Just the way I’m not

NeverShoutNever: Can’t Stand it

Philip ja Belle

Shayne Ward: No Promises

Philip ja Chloe

The Cab – Temporary Bliss

Kate Ryan – Goodbye

Rex ja Mimi

Kate Voegele – Angel

The Calling – Stigmatized

Westlife: World Of Our Own

Jesse McCartney: Because You Live

Roman ja Kate

Casey Donovan: Listen With Your Heart

Natasha BedingField: Unwritten

Shawn ja Belle

Elliott Yamin: Wait For You

Bleak&Ana Johnson: Fate

The Calling: Wherever You Will Go

M2M: Everything You do

Preston Smith: Oh I Love You so

Blue: Curtain Falls

Shawn ja Mimi

Lindsay Lohan: Something I Never Had

Steve ja Kayla

3OH!3: Touchin on my

Pink: Who Knew

Tony ja Anna

Parachute: She

Will ja Sonny

Stevie Hoang: More Than a Friend

Poets of the Fall: Heal my Wounds


EJ/Nicole/Brady (The Summer Set: Mannequin)

EJ&Will (Ryan Star:  Start a Fire)

Salemin miehet (Mis-Teeq: Scandalous)

Salemin naiset (Keri Hilson: Pretty Girl Rock)

James Scott (Allstar Weekend: James (Never Change))

EJ&Will (The Ready Set: Killer)

EJ/Sami/Nicole(Dream: He Loves You Not)

DiMerat (3 Doors Down: Changes)

EJ/Nicole/Brady (Trading Yesterday: Shattered)

Häitä Salemissa (Hoku: Perfect Day)

Paholaisnaiset (Kelly Clarkson: Because Of You)

Parit (Ron Pope: Drop in the ocean)

Rakkautta ilmassa (Ashlee Simpson: L.O.V.E)

Rex&Cassie (Greenday: Minority)

Rex&Cassie (Evanescene: My Immortal)

Salemin asukkaat (The Calling: Our Lives)

Salemin asukkaat (Simple Plan: Untitled)

Salemin teinit (Paris Hilton: Stars Are Blind)

Salemin sarjamurhaaja (Evanescene: Missing)

Salemin sarjamurhaaja (System of a Down: Spiders )

Shawn&Jan (Natasha Bedignfield: I Wanna Have Your Babies)

Stan/Sami (Linkin Park: What I’ve Done )

Tony Dimera (Violet Sanford: One Way Or Another)

Trooppisissa tunnelmissa (Teddy Geiger: These Walls )